SA-MP Hosted — is a unique list of game servers in the San Andreas Multiplayer client. What does it give you? Promotion of your game server. And we are an official dealer and sell services using the developer's website.

Now in the Hosted tab: 180+ servers

*Time to add a game server within 10-15 minutes after payment.
*Change server IP on request (Free).
**Tab resale is prohibited!
**It is forbidden to add bots to the server that artificially increase online. If we notice it, the server will be deleted and the money will not be returned!


  • Bank transfer
  • 24$/month
  • Payment in UAH and EURO is possible
    (at the rate of USD to UAH and USD to EUR)
  • Order
  • Tether TRC20/ERC20 USDT (cryptocurrency)
  • 29$/month
  • Order


We can guarantee that your server will appear in the SA-MP Hosted tab and will be there until the deadline end of payment. We cannot give a guarantee that it will be added online, as it depends on the server, game mode, mode uniqueness, administration, etc.

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Contact the dealer for information and order

e-mail: [email protected]